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Adapting drop-down submenus for touch screens

The thought for this approach came to me from this article. Horizontal navigation menus with drop-down submenus are a common design pattern. Usually they are implemented in CSS with the :hover pseudo-class, but this is problematic for touch screens (See: It is difficult to reliably detect touch devices at the moment. As good a… Read more »

Conditional content loading in WordPress with AJAX, Part 1 – The Setup

“Lazy loading” (also called Conditional Loading) of content is becoming more and more common these days. It enables us to enhance performance by delaying the loading of purely decorative or nice-to-have page enhancements so that the core content arrives to the user more quickly. Another advantage of waiting until after the initial page load for… Read more »

Testing for Javascript with Modernizr

When adding a feature that requires Javascript to work, progressive enhancement should be the rule of the day. Always try to think through what happens on the site for a visitor who doesn’t have Javascript available for whatever reason, and provide a simple fallback experience for them. I use Modernizr to test whether Javascript is… Read more »