Architectural Stained Glass, Inc.

Comments from Jeff G. Smith, owner of Architectural Stained Glass, Inc.:

After avoiding the need to re-design my 15+ year-old company website for way too long, I finally gritted my teeth and asked Chris Ruggia of Vast Graphics for help. Vast had maintained my old site since I relocated here from Dallas in 2000. That site was still adequate, but each year it became more and more dated. However, as an artist, I found it difficult to hand over the responsibility for that first online impression to someone else. . .

“Although Chris already knew a lot about the nature of my business, he spent a lot of time listening to what I thought I wanted in a new website. He was then able to improve my wish-list with a multilevel integrated approach that blends aesthetics and technology into a sleek whole. In my case, I didn’t want a lot of distracting effects – I wanted an unpretentious-seeming website that wouldn’t compete with my art. Chris’s sophisticated sense of design combined with his up-to-the-minute technical expertise allowed him to design a fresh, thoughtful look for my website that focusses on the stained glass while quietly including the most current options and features: automatic yet viewer-responsive slide shows, a mobile device friendly format, increasing levels of information, search-engine-savviness, etc., and it is easy to revise and edit.

“Anyway, we re-launched last month. It was love-at-first-site, but until I spent some time with it, I had no idea just how much the new site improves the presentation of my work. New features allow me to smoothly introduce my studio to new clients, architects and designers. Almost daily I receive raves from new clients, old clients, other websites, publications/media, friends . . . even a class in Toronto. This is fun!

“My only regret is that I waited so long. Well done Chris! Cheers to Vast Graphics! Bravissimo!”